Making History

Features inventions, developments and significant events in history that have impacted our lives.

26 x 30 minutes / 2017

    1. Jaguar Car; Longitude; The Endeavor; The London Eye
    2. The A-Bomb; New Disosaur; The Britannia; Space Homes
    3. Greendland Ice; Search for King Alfred; Gemini Missions; China
    4. Burial Mound; UK Sites; Space Suits; Military Vehicles;
      WW I Archaeology
    5. Return to Space; Foot & Mouth Disease; Poundbury, UK
    6. Water; The Sun; Madame Tussaud’s; Tropical Diseases
    7. Lincoln Cathedral Restoration; Whiskey; Apollo 16 Moon Landing
    8. Vintage Car Exhibition; Mummies; Japan Succession & Sumo Babies; Mira
    9. Weapons; Albert Hall; Fire; John Gielgud; The Mousetrap; Ground Zero; Perseus
    10. Dyslexia; V12 Vanquish; Wimbledon; Balloon Trip;
      Manchester United TV
    11. Medieval Wedding; Lautrec & Monet; Malay Restoration;
      Stone-Age Find; Turkey
    12. Celtic Caves; London Natural History Museum; Supernova; Sharks; Maritime Museum
    13. The ESA; America's Cup; Climate Conference; Search & Rescue
    1. Monitoring; X-Rays; Clarks; Recycling; River Blindness; Drowning;
      Gemini Missions
    2. What's Killing Trees? Glasgow University; MIR 2 Launch
    3. Foals; Plants & Insects; Space; Art; Trams; Global Greenhouse; Computer; Flight
    4. Save The Bumble Bee; Wind Power; Apollo 13
    5. Seeds; Ozone; Wine; Machines; Inventors; Guns; Prosthetics; Big Ben
    6. Medical Breakthroughs; Meteors And Comets; Japan Mini-Cars
    7. NASA; Cataracts; Detecting Viruses
    8. The Universe; Hearing Aid; The Atmosphere; Light Bulb;
      Genetic Screening
    9. Tissue Bank; Fossil-Fish; Water Drill; Project Mercury; Zircon Crystal; Robodog
    10. Nasa's Sky Lab, Solar Max & Space Shuttles
    11. Royal Victoria Hosptial; Antibody Breakthrough; The Magnetosphere; Aircraft Innovations.
    12. Hubble Space Telescope; Trevor Baylis; Innovations
    13. Apollo 11

Produced by Switch International.