Mountain Heroes

This factual reality series captures the drama of exciting mountain rescue experiences in the Dolomites mountain range in the Italian Alps. Season 1 is comprised of action-packed stories of two elite corps of Mountain Rescue, who in Season 2 are joined by Rescue Dog Core, Alpine Rescue Divers and Rescue Helicopter.

Season 1 – 6 x 30 minutes / HD
Season 2 – 6 x 45 minutes / 4K

    • Episode 1: The King of the Summit
    • Episode 2: A Rescue of Other Times
    • Episode 3: A Hard Lesson
    • Episode 4: A Day of Ordinary Madness
    • Episode 5: The Waltz of Misunderstandings
    • Episode 6: Panic at High Altitude
    • Alpine rescue heroics continue in Season 2 as the 65 men of Mountain Rescue are joined by legendary heroes Maurizio Follini and Pierluigi Rosati and two teams of mountain rescue professionals, Core Mountain Rescue Helicopter and Rescue Dog Core, who are trained to deal with any type of accident or incident and we see them handling new disciplines such as base jumping, downhill and canyoning.

Produced by Formasette.