Nilus the Sandman:
Values and Life Skills Series

This series blends live-action, real-life stories with the animated dream world of Nilus the Sandman to offer children guidance with 26 real-life challenges that kids often have to face.

26 x 30 minutes or 13 x 60 minutes

  1. Carrotio (Sweets vs. Vegetables)
  2. Rock-a-Bye Baby (Responsibility)
  3. Pirates of Pi (The Importance of Math)
  4. The Bully (Conflict Resolution and Bullying)
  5. King of the Universe (Dinosaurs and Independence)
  6. Cupid's Bow (Friends and Dating)
  7. Chaos Rules (A Reason for Rules)
  8. The Day of Living Dangerously (Dangerous Risk and Daring)
  9. Game Over (Video Game Addiction/Obsession)
  10. About Face (Makeup, Fashion and Beauty)
  11. The Music Lesson (Determination)
  12. Next Stop (Moving Issues)
  13. Not a Happy Camper (Camp and Making Friends)
  14. If Dreams Die (Jumping to Conclusions)
  15. Shop Til You Drop (Finding Happiness and Friendship)
  16. Otherwise (Lying and Exaggerating)
  17. Speak Up (Public Speaking and the Environment)
  18. Loose Change (Focus on Friendship, Not Money)
  19. The Joker (When Pranks are not Funny)
  20. Weedworld (Respecting Life's Basic Necessities)
  21. The Dream Doors (Facing Your Fears)
  22. Someone Just Like Me (Physically Challenged People)
  23. House of Horrors (Finding Your Self-Confidence)
  24. Achy Breaky Bod (Being a Good Member of a Team)
  25. The Wizard is Ill (Time Management)
  26. Guilty (Speaking Up and Facing Responsibility)

Produced by Cambium Film and Video Productions Ltd.
in association with Delaney and Friends Cartoon Productions Ltd.