Safety for Children Series:
DangerSpot -
Can You Spot the Danger?

This animated series encourages safety for children as they view each story and try to spot all the dangers encountered by the four loveable main characters: Harey, a hare-brained rabbit; Scampi, a level-headed cat; Chips, a loveable dog; and Pillow, a talkative parrot.

6 x 30 minutes / UHDF - Upconverted HD Format

  • The Dangerous Day on the Farm (Workplace Safety)
  • The Dangerous Pirate Treasure (Indoor/Outdoor Safety)
  • The Dangerous Road Game (Road Safety)
  • The Dangerously Big Bunny (Obesity)
  • Fire in the Fryer (Fire Safety)
  • The Hair-Raising Kite Flight (Electrical Safety)

Produced by Chip Taylor Communications, LLC.