Sky Trackers

Best Children's Drama - Australian Film Institute Best Young Actor Award: Zbych Trofimiuk - Australian Film Institute Banff Rockies' Award Nominee Germany's Prix Jeunesse Intl. Festival Nominee

Interest in space travel and exploration continues to expand and underscores the relevance of this award-winning series for children and teens, which has been digitally re-mastered on the 25th Anniversary of its first release. We meet Mike Masters (Zbych Trofimiuk) and Nikki Colbert (Petra Jared), whose parents, Tony (Steve Jacobs) and Marie (Anna-Maria Monticelli), respectively, are scientists. Both families live beneath a massive, gleaming, white dish of a space-tracking station, located in the heart of the Australian Outback, which is the perfect setting for the adventure-seeking sky trackers to observe stars, planets, meteorites, comets, and the Southern Lights or to look for UFOs and Extra Terrestrials.

26 x 30 minutes / UHDF - Upconverted HD Format

  • Episode 1: Skating the Dish
  • Episode 2: Meteor Rights
  • Episode 3: The Beast
  • Episode 4: Tell Someone Who Cares
  • Episode 5: The Big Skip
  • Episode 6: Goddess of the Dawn
  • Episode 7: Dead Ducks
  • Episode 8: Is There Life on Earth?
  • Episode 9: Letting Go
  • Episode 10: To Tell or Not to Tell
  • Episode 11: Kiss the Sky
  • Episode 12: Can't Buy Me Love
  • Episode 13: Rocket to Me
  • Episode 14: Aliens
  • Episode 15: Trees a Crowd
  • Episode 16: Ice Balls
  • Episode 17: Long Distance Call
  • Episode 18: Star Time
  • Episode 19: Secrets
  • Episode 20: The Wish Star
  • Episode 21: Origins
  • Episode 22: Penguin Point
  • Episode 23: The Black Prince
  • Episode 2:4 Wow
  • Episode 25: Precious Days
  • Episode 26: Do or Die

Produced by the Australian Children's Television Foundation
Available in Spanish and French