The Storytellers

A collection of beloved stories for children, many told or read by the authors and storytellers.

34 x 30 minutes or 17 x 60 minutes

    • Mary Calhoun
      1. Mary Calhoun Biography: The Making of a Storybook
      2. Instant Grandma 1: Ida & the Broody Hen; Old Man Bear
      3. Instant Grandma 2: Raccoon with a Broom; Blue Louisey
      4. Instant Grandma 3: Magic Teapot; Why Cats 1 & 2
      5. Instant Grandma 4: Black Jack Crow; Coloring Project
    • Donna Guthrie
      1. Donna Guthrie's Story; This Little Pig Stayed Home
      2. Grandpa Doesn't Know; A Rose for Abby; The Witch Down the Hall
    • Magic Words
      1. People That Could Fly
      2. The Magic Bird; The Stonecutter
      3. How the Camel Got His Hump; The Pebble and the Beetle
    • Angela Shelf Medearis
      1. Profile of a Children's Author: Angela Shelf Medearis
      2. Picking Peas for a Penny; The Ghost of Sifty-Sifty Sam
    • Short Stories for Children
      1. Honey Bear; Kirby Kangaroo;  My Little Library  
      2. I've Got Your Nose; The Eyes of Karras
      3. How the Old Man Learned to Smile; Moonsisters
      4. The Sixth Sister; A Purple Wallipaw
      5. Songs of Terra Madre (Mother Earth)
      6. Five Favorite Stories
    • Texas Storyteller: Finley Stewart
      1. The Enchanted Rock; Serena of the River
      2. Clara; The Star Stealer; The Sunflower Princess
      3. Why Coyote Howls; Why Turtles Don't Talk; The Little Man