Talk To Me

Host Esther Mills, MS, hosts this open forum where guests from all walks of life talk about their lives, careers, interests and avocations.

22 x 30 minutes or 11 x 60 minutes

    • Makoto Fujimura (Artist)
    • Joanna Tully (Photographer)
    • Barb Jungr (Singer, Songwriter)
    • Vickie Phillips (A Singer's Journey)
    • Sean Yox (Singer, Guitarist)
    • Dr. Leslie Hayling (Tuskegee Airman)
    • Anna Hoffman (Women's Army Auxillary Corp)
    • Jack McGreevy (Marine Veteran)
    • John Crowley (Social Entrepreneur: Pompe Disease)
    • Dr. Edward Feldman (Chiropractor)
    • Roman G. Kernitsky, M.D., FACS (Ophthalmologist)
    • Cethelen MacEaloinata (Master Herbalist)
    • Bobby Schindler (Brother of Terri Schindler Schiavo)
    • Glenn Bady (US Chess Champion)
    • Sam Chelanga (Long-Distance Runner)
    • Brant Tolsma (Track and Field Coach)
    • D & R Greenway Land Trust: Land Preservation
    • SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals (Animal Adoption)
    • Ambassador Richard W. Erdman
    • Steve Forbes
    • Geraldine McSorley (Radio Talk Show Host)
    • Lee Spinelli (Talk Show Host)

Produced by Ethan Lefkowitz Productions and Esther Mills.