Timeblazers: History and More

An enlightening and entertaining series in which timeblazing heroes, Sam (Mike Ackerman), Jen (Heidi Leigh), Shakira (Jasmine Richards), and Alex (Stephen Joffe), travel back in time and embark on a string of exciting escapades, meeting notable people and witnessing significant events throughout history.

40 x 30 minutes or 20 x 60 minutes

  1. Home Security: The Keys to the Kingdom
  2. Transportation: Planes, Trains and Stagecoaches
  3. Sanitation: The Great Stink
  4. The Wheel: The Mother of All Inventions
  5. Fashion: The Emperor's Old Clothes
  6. The Police: The Good, the Bad and the Bread
  7. Advances in Cooking: A Feast Fit for a King
  8. Sports: Get Ready to Rumble
  9. Medicine: Leech a Cold, Bleed a Fever
  10. Money: Barter, Coins, Paper and Gold
  11. The Justice System: Off With His Head
  12. The Story of Communications: Message in a Bottle
  13. Rumbling and Romance: A Look at Love and Marriage
  14. Child Labor: Kid Jobs
  15. The Pioneers: Home on the Range
  16. The Stars and History: Lost in the Stars
  17. Education: Learning About Schools
  18. Wonders of the Maya: From Temples to Hot Chocolate
  19. Ancient History: The Romans
  20. Heroes: Hercules, Joan of Arc, Robin Hood, Annie Oakley
  21. News Through the Ages
  22. Revolutions (British, French and American)
  23. Who is Marco Polo?
  24. Farming: Down on the Farm
  25. Legends - Real or Not Real?
  26. Geniuses: Copernicus, Shakespeare, Franklin, da Vinci
  27. Explorers: Age of Discovery, Illnesses, Lewis & Clark
  28. Tyrants: Nero, Ivan, Louis XVI and Napoleon
  29. A Soldier's Life (Centurions, Vikings, British Red Coats)
  30. Amazing Women (Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Mary Shelley)
  31. Mapping: The Flat Earth Society
  32. Fun and Games: From Dominoes to Hopscotch
  33. History's Biggest Mistakes
  34. The History of Bikes
  35. Who Discovered North America?
  36. Archaeology: Can You Dig It?
  37. The History of Flight
  38. Great Disasters (Dinosaurs, Pompeii, Great London Fire, the Titanic)
  39. Solving the Mystery of the Dark Ages
  40. Timeline: A Short History of Time

A Coneybeare production distributed in association with CCI Releasing, Inc.